May 4, 2013

Cat’s Fish & Chips

When I was growing up we had a great fish & chip shop a few blocks away. We would go once in a while and it was a tradition on Good Friday. We never ate there (Well, once. But it wasn’t the same.), take-out was the way to go.

Their fish& chips was perfect – the fish was firm, yet flaky; the batter crispy, but not thick; and the fries were fresh cut. They would wrap the boxes in newsprint and off home we’d go. At home, the fish would be sprinkled with vinegar and then dipped in ketchup. That shop set the standards high and as I ventured into adulthood we ventured further afield; sometimes impressed and sometimes disappointed.

Being gluten-free, fish & chips, let alone good ones, can seem like a dream. There’s Off The Hook in Toronto who make me dream about wonderful fish & chips again. But they’re in Toronto. Thankfully Ottawa has Cat’s.

Located on St Laurent (at Hemlock), this tiny restaurant serves gluten-free fish & chips, and they’re good. I assume their regular fish & chips are just as good because we have been on a weeknight and lucky to get a table. Cat’s also understands the gluten issues as they have a dedicated gluten-free fryer for us celiacs. Service has always been great. The only thing to make it better would be some gf beer to go  along with the gf fish & chips. Magners just doesn’t do fish & chips justice.


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