May 19, 2012

Oh Lovely Spring

Believe it or not, spring has almost passed me by. If it hadn’t been for the daffs and tulips in my front garden, I wouldn’t have noticed its arrival. Yes we’ve had bouts of nice weather and sunshine, but I still may not have noticed. Work has been keeping me busy so I’ve been inside either in front of a computer or in the kitchen.

In April I started with a new full-time student. She is a wonderful woman, who also happens to be a great language learner. While I still have lesson prep to do, most of it gets done during downtime in our lessons.

The summer program has also picked up speed. My boss and I were busy with interviews and setting up a team in March and we’re so pleased with those we chose. While planning the teacher training sessions we got some bad news. The placement test we were hoping to upgrade to and purchase fell through. Not only was I disappointed, but so were my boss and the program director. We had hoped to put our placement test online this year and the program calendar had already been designed around it and published. My boss had confidence in me and assigned me to create one. The only catch: it had to be done in two weeks. Luckily, another colleague was available to help me and we got it done (in 2 ½ weeks). Another week later (due to difficulties with the web programmer) it was online and ready to go. It’s exciting, but nerve-wracking. I’ve never created a placement test before and I’m anxious about the accuracy rate. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

To make my life even busier I’ve participated in a few craft fairs. I don’t do a craft, per se; one that I can do in my downtime and prep ahead of time. I bake. That means I spend a day or two before the sale baking like a madwoman. It’s hard-core. The Honey purposely stays away and meets the guys for drinks. He’s a smart man.

Now that I have some freedom (and a long weekend) I’m going to make the most of it – Enjoy myself. We plan to be outside as much as possible. Like everyone else, The Honey and I plan on getting our patio set up and some plants in the ground. We hope to go for a few walks and breathe in the fresh air. We’re in good company too and the path across the street is busier – joggers, cyclists, and more dogs than in the cooler months. The city has come alive and I don’t want to miss it.