Like many, I love to travel. There’s something wonderful and exciting about seeing new places, experiencing new things, and of course trying out different foods and cuisines. Some of the best things I’ve tasted have been while I was on holiday.

Having food allergies shouldn't limit you in what you enjoy doing. Be cautious, but leave your anxieties at home. You have things to do and places to see, even if it’s a sand beach; relaxing never hurt anyone.

As I tour around I’ll put up some of the places I’ve been to and liked. To be listed here they have to be good and have something I can eat. There is also a great website that is like Trip Advisor for Celiacs, where you can find some helpful reviews for your travels: .

Atlantic City
The Melting Pot – A fondue restaurant that can make changes and adjustments for celiacs. It’s a little on the expensive side, but the amount of food you are served makes up for it.

The state of Massachusetts has a policy/law that restaurants need to accommodate food sensitivities. As a result I didn’t have any problems finding anything to eat, but still use caution and ask questions. Below are some places that we found that took that extra step.

Cheers (aka Bull & Finch Pub) – It isn’t surprising that everyone knows your name in this small little spot. There are ‘replicas’ at Quincy Market and above the little pub that started it all (the original feels vagely familiar while the replicas are what you saw on the show). Their sandwiches and burgers were safe fair (plus the obvious salads) and gf, especially without the bun. They also had Woodchuck Cider available. Given how busy these restaurants are they had good service and food.

Boloco – This good and fast Mexican fast-food stop has a separate gluten-free menu. Most items are made gluten-free by not using a tortilla shell, which means you’ll need a fork to eat everything. You’ll need to ask for all your extra items at the time of ordering; most are at no extra charge.

Legal Seafood – They have a variety of gluten-free items listed on a gluten-free menu and they take it seriously; just like their seafood. The restaurant was packed and the food and service was perfect.

UNO Chicago Grill & Pizza – Their thin-crust gluten-free pizza is delicious and they have Redbridge beer available (how great to have pizza and beer and both are gluten-free!!)

Cape Cod

With all the seafood and fresh food available on The Cape finding gluten-free choices was easy. There are many grocery stores that also have gluten-free sections.

Idgy’s Gluten-Free Cafe – This is a totally gluten-free café where everything is delicious and you’ll want to go back for more. The have breakfast, lunch and dinner plus cookies, squares and other treats to keep you drooling.

UNO Chicago Grill & Pizza – This place is also on The Cape which gave us a good alternative for a night of pizza and beer (GF of course)

The Optimist Café – Situation in an old home, this café stands out from the cottages on The Cape. Breakfast and lunch are served with a variety of options available with additional gluten-free choices.

The Wild Goose Tavern – While this is not a gluten-free restaurant I love the name and the food was delicious. Our server was knowledgeable and much of their menu could accommodate a gluten allergy.

Carleton Place
The Good Food Company – A great little place where you can relax, chat, and have a great lunch or dinner. Many of the options are naturally gluten-free, but follow up to make sure other gluten-items don’t make it onto your plate, like croutons.

The Buttermilk Café – A cozy café located downtown Cobourg. Gluten-free bread is available for sandwiches and as well as gf desserts. My sandwich was both healthy and tasty. 

Dundas, Ontario (Between Cambridge and Hamilton)
Ya’d Never Know Bakery – A dedicated gluten-free bakery with products to die for. Everything is fresh and they do their best to use local ingredients.

Eastern Quebec
Eau Vive Rafting (on the River Rouge) – The staff is quite helpful in letting you know what you can and can’t eat if you call ahead of time. They are happy to oblige and let you bring your own goodies then transport them for you to the lunch site.

The Silly Yak – A great gluten-free bistro and bakery where everything is gluten-free, including the beer. Everything I picked up was made in-house and of course, delicious.

Las Vegas

Hussong’s Cantina – While serving good Tex-Mex food we sipped on margaritas. Our server was attentive and helpful. The food hits the spot.

Todd English PUB – While the menu itself has very little for a celiac, it was the only place where I could find cider (and I asked everywhere). If you’re in need of a pint of Strongbow, this is your place. (The website was down, but at the time of our visit, it was in the Crystals City Center)

Tintoretto – With the feel of an outdoor café we enjoyed lunch and wine. Salads were the main ‘go-to’ here, but they were really good.

Rao’s – Fine dining and wonderful food. All levels of staff were more than willing to help to make our meal safe. One word of warning: sides are ordered separately.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant – You feel like you’re really special here. There’s the wonderful view, service and food. Reservations are strongly recommended and it’s best to mention your sensitivity/intolerance or celiac disease at the time.

Aria Hotel Buffet – A gorgeous array of food and dessert. The best part: the chef (during our visit) was/is celiac so all the gluten-free items were labelled. The naturally gluten-free items were not though, so questions had to be asked of the staff.

P.F Chang’s – The American chain makes dining a bit easier with a gluten-free menu. There’s a variety available and it’s nice to go if you feel the need to be safe and familiar.

Mount Pleasant (a short distance from Paris, ON) 
The Windmill – A family run restaurant and store. The baked goods are not celiac friendly, but check out all the locally made soups, jams, relishes, etc. No worries about your breakfast either; there’s no funny business with the potatoes.

Mont Tremblant (the resort and the village)
Restaurants in the resort and village (Saint Jovite) can change so it is best to check with the local websites. Options can be found for lunch and dinner, but breakfast may more challenging. Every room at every hotel has a small kitchenette so one can bring food and goodies for their stay. The general store has fresh and frozen food, but depending on the time of year and price, options may be limited. The Fairmont Hotel chain accommodates allergies so contacting them ahead of time may open up one’s options (it may also be the only option available).

Une Crêpe? – A creperie with a long list of sweet and savoury crepes. You can sit inside in a comfortable atmosphere or order at the take-out window to eat on the run. (425 Ave du Mont-Royal E, Montreal QC 514-849-0836)

Le Flambard – A very nice French restaurant with delicious and affordable table-d’hôte. They can accommodate food allergies. Take your own wine and enjoy yourself. Reservations are recommended as it is a small restaurant.

New York
Bloom’s Deli – A typical NY deli with a separate gluten free menu that goes beyond the regular gluten-free toast. We went for breakfast almost every morning.

Pax Wholesome and Swich Wholesome Sandwich Co – These are two sandwich and salad stops throughout NY. While the sandwiches and desserts are not GF friendly, the wide assortment of salads is. The combinations are endless since they are made with your choices. Mine tasted so fresh.

Slice – A small pizza place that usually makes its pizza by the slice or whole if preferred. They cater to those with dietary restrictions and also carried GF beer.

Sarabeth’s – My guidebook said it was a ‘must-go-to’ kind of place and I was intrigued. The server we had understood my needs and I had no problems.

The Blind Tiger – This bar is in Greenwich Village and had cider when I couldn’t find it in any other bar we had gone to. They’re in my good books.

Risotteria – ‘The Place’ to go for gluten free pizza and risotto. The breadsticks are to die for, we even saw people take them home, and they have a nice selection of GF beer. They don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait a bit.

Paris, Ontario (not far from Cambridge, Hamilton & Burlington)
Paris Health Food Store – They sell a variety of gluten-free products plus baked goodies, fresh and frozen. (77 Grand River St N, Paris ON 519-442-7817)

Sweet & Savoury Traditions – A food shop where you can get a bite or take home prepared meals to enjoy later. GF baked goods are available, meal options use gf alternatives, and frozen meals are either naturally gf or use gf replacements.

Prince Edward County (aka PEC)
The Regent Café – A quaint and pretty café that serves homemade meals with a twist; many of which are naturally gluten-free. Their gluten-free butter tarts were smooth and sweet.

Portabella – It looks posh, but it’s really a relaxing atmosphere. The food was delicious and the server was aware of gluten issues and helped me with my choices.

Schroedter’s FarmMarket, Bakery and Café – While they serve ‘regular items’ their selection of gluten-free baked goods is extensive. There are numerous freezers with loaves of gluten-free bread, squares, tarts, buns, and meat pies; all homemade! Everything is excellent, but be forewarned, you’ll eat a lot of it.

Miss Lily’s Café – It was way too busy the day we were there, but I’d heard they have gf options. It’s worth a pop-in if you’re going by.

Magic Oven – A pizza place throughout T.O that makes pizza; regular, gluten-free, and has vegan cheese. The thin crust pizza is how thin crusts should be done. It isn’t soggy, hard as stone; it’s perfect.

Whole Foods – They have an amazing selection of gluten-free items throughout their store. They also carry many items produced locally.

The Big Carrot – It’s hard to describe this place in one sentence as they have something for everyone, including a juice bar, a nutritionist, a bookstore, and of course food. The variety of gluten-free items is immense and is either made locally or in house (very little was shipped from far away).

Off the Hook Fish & Chips – A great little restaurant that serves regular and gluten-free fish and chips (made in a dedicated fryer). If you miss traditional fish and chips, this is the place to go. (749 Broadview Ave)

Lemongrass – A Thai restaurant with locations spread out in T.O. Many of the items are gluten-free and are marked on their take-out menu.

Viola Gluten-Free Bakeree – Located in Oakville, a visit to this bakery is a must. The baked goods are to-die-for.

The Green Eggplant – While this Beaches restaurant is not labelled ‘gf’ I’ve eaten there many times and encountered great service and food every time. After lunch pop into some of the great neighbourhood shops.

Sweet Clover Market – Located at the Essex Junction Outlet Mall this little store has everything a celiac needs including a small deli where gf sandwiches can be made on the spot. Stock up on some gf goodies then pick-up some cider and gf beer if you’re so inclined.

Sweetwaters – A nice restaurant with a stellar patio in the summer. The restaurant checks with their suppliers to see whats gf and not, and as a result, practically everything on the menu can be made gf thanks to using gf buns, etc. At the time of our visit they also served a cider on tap and a gf beer in bottles. Also a perfect spot for people-watching.

Das Bier Haus – Obviously a German themed restaurant and a gluten-free website said they were celiac friendly, but I can only assume because we went here for the gf beer. They stocked 4 gf beers and 4 ciders and the waitress helped me choose one – now that’s service for a celiac! If we had stayed in town, I would have gotten pretty inebriated, which is something that doesn’t happen too often on gf beer.