April 29, 2013


Last weekend The Honey had to go into work so we decided to venture to another neighbourhood for breakfast. Someone on the Celiac Facebook group had suggested Todric’s to a query a few weeks prior so I looked it up. We’re not too familiar with the Vanier area and really had no idea where to venture. Needless to say we were surprised by what greeted us.

Todric’s is in an unassuming neighbourhood – a residential neighbourhood with a grocery store on one block and a government building on another. If we didn’t know the address, we would have driven right by. They are only open during the day for brunch on weekends, but otherwise are open for dinner in the evening.

It was a sunny morning and we sat in the front window. While looking over the menu, and until we left, we played ‘Guess that singer’. The 40’s and 50’s tunes were definitely not our era, but we still found it entertaining. Our waiter was attentive and our meal was phenomenal. Walking in we thought we’d be in for some posh prices, but they were what you’d expect anywhere else.

Their gluten-free option was a cheddar muffin served in a variety of ways – as a muffin with breakfast, as French toast, or with poached eggs. They also had gluten-free pancakes. I couldn’t decide between the French toast or the pancakes and finally had to make a quick decision; I had taken up enough time with my flip-flopping. French toast it was and boy, was I ever happy with my choice. I was concerned that the cheddar muffin would be too cheesy, but it was perfect. The French toast was nicely flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon. Overall, it was so light and full of flavour. I was famished so I also ordered a side of bacon, but it wasn’t really necessary because the French toast was enough with the fresh fruit. We were both rolling out the door when we left.

We may have just found a new breakfast place for our rotation.

April 25, 2013


There’s a pasta shop down on Elgin St that I’ve walked by a million times, both when we lived in that part of town and on lunchtime walks. Being a pasta shop I didn’t really think twice about going in, because really, what would they have to offer me? On a recent walk-by, a friend noticed ‘Gluten-free Pasta’ written in the window of Fettuccine's and we didn’t pause to think twice about it; we went right in.

In the shop there are a few tables and a counter with some chairs at the front window. Seems nice for people watching while having a quick lunch out. There is also a counter running from one side of the shop to the other with a variety of pasta and sauces. For us, since it was late at night, it was choose what you’d like and it was put into a container. For lunch and dinner it may be something different. I was intrigued by the take-out lasagnas with the big gluten-free sticker on the label.

This little lasagna is perfect for two people, or one with a serving for leftovers. It is full of perfectly cooked noodles, sauce, cheese and beef. The instructions on the label were perfect for someone like me. Someone who hasn’t made lasagna in many many years. The Honey even enjoyed it and it was a lovely dinner with a side of salad.

I had also picked up a container of a vodka tomato sauce. At the time I remembered the vodka tomato sauce I used to make. A delicious recipe an old colleague gave me. I couldn’t wait to try it; and unfortunately I was disappointed. Compared to the lasagna, there wasn’t much flavour or anything really and there was a ton of mushrooms. Great, if you like mushrooms, but I do not.

Buying this little lasagna put me in the mood to try one on my own, mainly due to the price. Although this little guy was good, I don’t know if I’d pay the price again. Maybe if I couldn’t cook, sure. I was a little put-off because nothing was priced and it was quite a guessing game then some sticker shock at the cash register (Is it that price all the time or only because it’s gf? Hmmm). I did find a recipe later that week and pulled out some lasagna rice noodles a friend had given me and put something, informally, together. It was good, maybe just as good. Hmmm, maybe I’ll do another one later this week.

April 15, 2013

Lentil Crackers

Lentil Crackers by Mediterranean Baked seem to have appeared out of nowhere, yet they now seem to be everywhere. These have become a favourite of mine and can satisfy many types of cravings. 

The picture on the box is a little misleading as I was expecting big crackers (like those Premium Plus saltines) when they are actually much smaller (more like Nabisco’s vegetable crackers). The size makes up for the taste as they have a nice flavour. There’s a nice crunch to them too. They also come in different flavours – sea salt, cracked pepper, and rosemary. These crackers also hold up to some cheese without breaking under the weight or pressure of lathering on a nice soft cheese.

So far I’ve found Bulk Barn to be the best place to find them (and with the best price too) as they always have them, whereas other stores only have them now and again.

April 13, 2013

Mac & Cheese?

There are diehard KD fans out there. The Honey is one of them and nothing else will do. Another KD fan, a good friend of mine, tried to explain it to me and I just didn’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’m not a big fan. I would eat it once in a while, but I like cheese and I’d much rather have real cheese than the powdered stuff. As a concession on both our parts we tried out some gluten-free cheese sauce mix.

The rice pasta I had been using wasn’t impressing me much anymore so when I saw some cutsie corn pasta I thought it would go nicely with this Riego’s cheese sauce. It’s just as simple to make: cook your pasta, drain it, then add the cheese powder and milk. Just like KD.

One of the things I like is that the ingredients are pronounce-able and are real. It tastes pretty good too – not like homemade mac & cheese and not KD, but still good. The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the quantity & price. The bags of corn pasta I buy are not that big; these cutsie things served the two of us and there didn’t seem to be enough sauce. I just kept stirring hoping that every little piece would get covered. To have it really saucy like its counterparts, two packages might be needed and that bumps up the price. Each package is around $2, depending on the store and compared to homemade and KD, that’s a little pricey. Is it worth it for convenience? I’m not sure. But if you’re just making dinner for one, go for it.

April 10, 2013

The Good Old Bard

This ‘Bard’ probably isn’t the same ‘Bard’ you’re thinking of. This one is American and was bought in a six pack. And no, he wasn’t smuggled across the border. This Bard is the one and only Bard’s Beer.

For years I’ve seen the adverts in gluten-free magazines taunting me. I’ve read postings about how wonderful and ‘just like the real thing’ it is. Every time I went to the States I would look for it. My eyes were peeled for my beloved Woodchuck cider and that mythological Bard’s. Than one day I found it. Ironically it was at the LCBO in Westboro. Bard’s had finally ventured to Canada!! Boy was I ecstatic. The Honey thought I had lost my mind.

It was with great anticipation that I popped that first cap off. At risk of sounding like an alcoholic, that psst of the seal being broken made me giddy. I poured it into a tall glass and took a sip. It was good. I held it up to admire the colour and it was perfect. The perfect golden colour of your average beer.

Now think back to if/when you last had a regular beer – the colour, the taste, the smell. That’s what Bard’s is. Now this isn’t to criticize or demean this gluten-free beer, but it is just what I remember when drinking a Canadian or Blue. It’s good and it’s beer. And believe it or not, that is a good thing to say because compared to all the other gluten-free beer out there that tastes like garbage or nothing at all like beer, I’m happy to drink something that tastes like a normal beer. Yes, I was a micro-brew gal before it was a big thing, but I also liked the regular kind. Seriously, I’m half-Polish, like I’d turn down a (good) beer.

And obviously, the guys at Bard’s Beer have a sense of humour. Look at what I found under the cap.