April 29, 2013


Last weekend The Honey had to go into work so we decided to venture to another neighbourhood for breakfast. Someone on the Celiac Facebook group had suggested Todric’s to a query a few weeks prior so I looked it up. We’re not too familiar with the Vanier area and really had no idea where to venture. Needless to say we were surprised by what greeted us.

Todric’s is in an unassuming neighbourhood – a residential neighbourhood with a grocery store on one block and a government building on another. If we didn’t know the address, we would have driven right by. They are only open during the day for brunch on weekends, but otherwise are open for dinner in the evening.

It was a sunny morning and we sat in the front window. While looking over the menu, and until we left, we played ‘Guess that singer’. The 40’s and 50’s tunes were definitely not our era, but we still found it entertaining. Our waiter was attentive and our meal was phenomenal. Walking in we thought we’d be in for some posh prices, but they were what you’d expect anywhere else.

Their gluten-free option was a cheddar muffin served in a variety of ways – as a muffin with breakfast, as French toast, or with poached eggs. They also had gluten-free pancakes. I couldn’t decide between the French toast or the pancakes and finally had to make a quick decision; I had taken up enough time with my flip-flopping. French toast it was and boy, was I ever happy with my choice. I was concerned that the cheddar muffin would be too cheesy, but it was perfect. The French toast was nicely flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon. Overall, it was so light and full of flavour. I was famished so I also ordered a side of bacon, but it wasn’t really necessary because the French toast was enough with the fresh fruit. We were both rolling out the door when we left.

We may have just found a new breakfast place for our rotation.


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