April 25, 2013


There’s a pasta shop down on Elgin St that I’ve walked by a million times, both when we lived in that part of town and on lunchtime walks. Being a pasta shop I didn’t really think twice about going in, because really, what would they have to offer me? On a recent walk-by, a friend noticed ‘Gluten-free Pasta’ written in the window of Fettuccine's and we didn’t pause to think twice about it; we went right in.

In the shop there are a few tables and a counter with some chairs at the front window. Seems nice for people watching while having a quick lunch out. There is also a counter running from one side of the shop to the other with a variety of pasta and sauces. For us, since it was late at night, it was choose what you’d like and it was put into a container. For lunch and dinner it may be something different. I was intrigued by the take-out lasagnas with the big gluten-free sticker on the label.

This little lasagna is perfect for two people, or one with a serving for leftovers. It is full of perfectly cooked noodles, sauce, cheese and beef. The instructions on the label were perfect for someone like me. Someone who hasn’t made lasagna in many many years. The Honey even enjoyed it and it was a lovely dinner with a side of salad.

I had also picked up a container of a vodka tomato sauce. At the time I remembered the vodka tomato sauce I used to make. A delicious recipe an old colleague gave me. I couldn’t wait to try it; and unfortunately I was disappointed. Compared to the lasagna, there wasn’t much flavour or anything really and there was a ton of mushrooms. Great, if you like mushrooms, but I do not.

Buying this little lasagna put me in the mood to try one on my own, mainly due to the price. Although this little guy was good, I don’t know if I’d pay the price again. Maybe if I couldn’t cook, sure. I was a little put-off because nothing was priced and it was quite a guessing game then some sticker shock at the cash register (Is it that price all the time or only because it’s gf? Hmmm). I did find a recipe later that week and pulled out some lasagna rice noodles a friend had given me and put something, informally, together. It was good, maybe just as good. Hmmm, maybe I’ll do another one later this week.


Psychgrad said...

We used to get pasta sauce there once in a while when we lived downtown. I really don't like when things aren't priced. I just made an eggplant lasagna (no noodles), which was good too!

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