April 10, 2013

The Good Old Bard

This ‘Bard’ probably isn’t the same ‘Bard’ you’re thinking of. This one is American and was bought in a six pack. And no, he wasn’t smuggled across the border. This Bard is the one and only Bard’s Beer.

For years I’ve seen the adverts in gluten-free magazines taunting me. I’ve read postings about how wonderful and ‘just like the real thing’ it is. Every time I went to the States I would look for it. My eyes were peeled for my beloved Woodchuck cider and that mythological Bard’s. Than one day I found it. Ironically it was at the LCBO in Westboro. Bard’s had finally ventured to Canada!! Boy was I ecstatic. The Honey thought I had lost my mind.

It was with great anticipation that I popped that first cap off. At risk of sounding like an alcoholic, that psst of the seal being broken made me giddy. I poured it into a tall glass and took a sip. It was good. I held it up to admire the colour and it was perfect. The perfect golden colour of your average beer.

Now think back to if/when you last had a regular beer – the colour, the taste, the smell. That’s what Bard’s is. Now this isn’t to criticize or demean this gluten-free beer, but it is just what I remember when drinking a Canadian or Blue. It’s good and it’s beer. And believe it or not, that is a good thing to say because compared to all the other gluten-free beer out there that tastes like garbage or nothing at all like beer, I’m happy to drink something that tastes like a normal beer. Yes, I was a micro-brew gal before it was a big thing, but I also liked the regular kind. Seriously, I’m half-Polish, like I’d turn down a (good) beer.

And obviously, the guys at Bard’s Beer have a sense of humour. Look at what I found under the cap.


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