October 16, 2012

Sob Sob!

Every year at this time I lament the passing of summer. The leaves have turned and some trees have become quite bare. Hallowe’en decorations abound in stores and Christmas gear is slowly emerging. Although Labour Day tells us to put the summer stuff away, the last day of summer is officially the end. I push it to Thanksgiving because the weather is often still warm and fresh and flowers and vegetables are still bountiful. I’ve been meaning to write this post since then, but I’ve been busy gearing up for a season of craft fairs, recuperating from a holiday in Las Vegas (a post will eventually follow), and trimming back the garden.

As sad as it is to see the diminishing sunlight – shorter days and an increase in rain, I have made a point to go out and enjoy summer whenever I could. It never seems like enough though. As my health has floundered a bit this year, I’ve come to realize that I missed out on some things in life and I wanted to enjoy what I could. Some surprises followed.

A fabulous wine was introduced to me by a friend and I could not get enough of it. I did have to draw the line, but I enjoyed it as much as I could. Sometimes I would steal away to our makeshift backyard and enjoy a glass or two with a magazine.

We took some day trips here and there enjoying the beautiful weather and great views.

We often had some company on our walks by the river. This little guy would come when called and trot beside us then dash back into the bushes when it pleased him. I nicknamed him Bel because we could hear his little red bell on his collar and knew when he was near.

When my mom was in town we took in the Chicken & Rib Festival. I’d always passed it up, but since I’d moved to the dark side I can enjoy the carnivorous delights. Believe it or not, many of the trucks had gluten-free sauces so food could be devoured worry-free.


A BBQ sauce my sister enjoys also happens to be gluten-free.

And slices of salmon were often cedar planked on the BBQ this summer.

Many of the outdoor markets had gluten-free vendors. We discovered Owma Bakes in Kanata and were pleased with their products. Whoopie pies are good, but like cupcakes, I just don’t get it.

One of the highlights was the first craft beer festival. Not normally thrilling for a celiac, but Nickelbrook was there with their sorghum beer. Yes, these two guys kept me happy throughout the evening (and my wallet feeling lighter). I didn’t even have to ask, these guys knew what I wanted (gushing about the beer and them and taking their picture helps too!).

Finding out about lavender lemonade made me feel posh and special. Really?! Who wouldn’t with a glass of this fine deliciousness.

I also devoured more than my share of ice cream. Normally a major ‘no-no’ thanks to my disgruntled tummy a friend introduced me to So Delicious, which makes a coconut milk ice cream (no soy!) and their cookie dough version was gluten-free. How awesome!! Thankfully, once it went back to regular price my waistline and wallet were pleased.

I wrapped up my summer with a trip to the Cupcake Lounge. I pop in once in a while when wandering around the market and on a recent visit they actually had a gluten-free cupcake. A lonely little guy sitting there in the display case calling me out (It was a shock really, as I’m always told I need to order a half dozen, which doesn’t make sense since I only want one. I only want one because if I wanted more, I’d make them myself, and if I had more, I’d eat them all – yesssss all of them. That’s why I only want one! I digress.). I can see why people love this little place; it was a good cupcake. Worth the $4, but I’d rather not lose half the icing to the paper wrapper because I look like a little piggy licking it off the paper. Plus, I could do without the Smartie, which I don’t believe is gluten-free.

Of course, summer always passes by too quickly. I bought a new bike, at a friend’s suggestion, which should allow me to ride with less arthritic pain in my wrists and I must say it was a joy to zip around the paths. I only wish I had done it earlier in the season. With the wind and rain appearing more and more recently, my biking days are numbered. There’s always next year.


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