October 21, 2012

Mmmmm Bagels

I’m slightly picky about bagels. The ‘real’ ones could come in a variety of forms and textures and they were still good. But gluten-free versions have their good moments and their bad ones. Some are really chewy, some are really hard, and some just taste really bad. Then I found some Glutino bagels at Rainbow Foods.

I know I’ve had some bagels by Glutino in the past that were just so-so, but these were poppy seed and I was drawn to them. 

They toasted very nicely and tasted great with some butter. If you can handle cream cheese, I’m sure they would be even better. The texture was just perfect and I was very pleased. There wasn’t any chewiness, no pulling, and no odd flavours. An added bonus for me is that there isn’t any potato flour or starch in these bagels, which makes my tummy a bit happier, and finding gf goodies without any potato starch or flour is difficult (I sympathise for those with corn issues).

I sliced them up, put them in the freezer and enjoyed them throughout the week. A nice change from my usual cereal.


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