December 12, 2011

Kinnikinnick Foods

Once in a while some gluten-free goodies will be on sale at the grocery and I find it the perfect time to try something new. Gluten-free foods often don’t come cheap and so it’s nice to stock up when there’s a deal. But how do you know if it’s decent? I’m patient and wait for a sale.

This is how I tried some Kinnikinnick goodies and being from Alberta, it’s nice to have something from Canada and support a home-grown business. I met them at the celiac conference here in Ottawa in May and what a pair of nice ladies at their booth. I sampled the double chocolate cookies and if you love (and miss) those chocolate Girl Guide cookies, here’s your GF version.

The English muffins are substantial and look similar to a bun. The texture is similar as well. While it isn’t a true English muffin, it’s the next best thing. There are holes and crevices for your butter to melt into and it tastes like a nice ‘real’ bread product. And luckily for me, they fit in my mom’s toaster.

The New York-style bagels are good and chewy without feeling like your mouth is getting a workout. They are dense without being heavy, and light enough to have good texture. While you could put anything you like on these bagels, they still taste good on their own or with butter. Although I don’t often have these in my freezer, I do find them handy for when I’m travelling. I can go somewhere and know that I can have something for breakfast. They also hold up nicely when they get bumped or squished. And when I buy them on sale, I don’t mind sharing.


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