December 13, 2011

I Love You Ikea!!!

Yes, I’m one of the probably thousands of people who flock to Ikea and spend more time than I should wandering through the maze of rooms and products. Most of the time I don’t need anything, and as a result don’t buy anything (much to The Honey’s surprise), and when I do, it’s usually a few bags of coffee. I love their coffee!

On a recent outing I talked The Honey into going to Ikea. After some groaning (and I think silent swearing) he agreed, but only after I promised it would be quick. I needed coffee and my stash at home was getting low.

We walked in the exit (I know, I know, call me a rebel) and I picked up a few bags of coffee. As I was looking over the jam (I love the marmalade too) I hear The Honey say “Hey, did you know they have gluten-free dessert?”. What?!?!?! I’m glad we were the only people there at the moment because I’m sure I would have run someone over. And there it was, the ‘Almondy’ tart and in the bottom corner a gluten-free symbol and ‘Gluten-free’ written beside it.

Ohhhhh I was so happy. In the past I had enjoyed the desserts at Ikea and every time I had lunch or dinner I would have to pretend I didn’t see them. It’s so hard when you’re standing right in front of them and stuck there because someone in front can’t decide if they want meatballs or the chicken. It was horrible. But now, I can have a slice (in fact, I had more than a slice when I got home).

At the time, the Almondy was the only gluten-free dessert in the Ikea line-up. However, according to the Tarta website, all the Almondy products are gluten-free. While many of the other desserts at Ikea don’t have a gluten item in the list of ingredients, one may want to be a little cautious about trying them. But who knows, with one dessert being gluten-free it may not be long before others have those two lovely words (gluten-free!) on the packaging.

Now I have the opposite problem: trying not to bring more than one home with me on an Ikea visit.


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