December 14, 2011


Now imagine Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster saying this (the one of your youth – not the current one because apparently he is no longer allowed to be crazy about cookies). If you have similar memories as me, my Cookie Monster is going ballistic eating every cookie in sight. It always made me smile and still does. There’s nothing wrong with going a little hard-core as long as your diet is balanced otherwise – at least in my family.

My family likes sweets and having a nana who was only too happy to provide soft tasty chocolate chip cookies took the cake… um I mean cookie. Every Sunday there would be platters of cookies out and if nana didn’t think you were eating enough, you heard about it. Little ones quickly learnt to devour them like Cookie Monster because if you didn’t, the dog would take them out of your hand. The poor little guy would get teased too often (‘Buffy, Buffy, Do you want a cookie? Oh too bad, you weren’t fast enough.) But if you weren’t fast enough, Buffy got your cookie. And she got fast in her old age.

Enjoy Life makes some great cookies and so far my favourite is the chocolate chip. They are soft and chewy, and made of some good stuff too like dates and juice. The company strives to make great products while avoiding some of the top allergens. Normally I don’t like extra packaging, but with these cookies, I don’t mind since they are great for taking on trips as the cookies won’t get squished. They have become my go-to snack for train and plane trips. The amount isn’t overly big, which can be a good thing given how good they are. They can easily be devoured.

Being gluten-free doesn’t mean going without, especially with Enjoy Life around.


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