December 11, 2011

Purest Flour

With our computer being down, having problems with Blogger, and being busy or sick I have a small pile of posts ready to go. Some are about our holidays this summer, some are things I’ve made, and others are some products that I’ve tried and really enjoyed. So this week I’m going to post some products and with the holidays coming up, they may give you an idea or two.

Slowly Purest is making its way across the city. It seems to be appearing on more and more shelves, and so it should. It’s a great product.

Purest Natural Products is milled in Perth, ON, east of Ottawa, and they provide a range of gluten-free flours and products. What once began as milling rice and bean flours has turned into a range including brownie, pancake, and hot chocolate mixes. Their entire business is gluten-free, from the grains, to the machines, to the factory itself. Another great thing: their products are priced right.

A visit on their website lists their products and many of them also come in a variety of sizes.

Bye bye tiny boxes and bags.


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