August 7, 2011

Irresistible Mac & Cheese

It has been one crazy summer. I took a holiday from my government student to work at the summer program again this year and it has been far from a holiday. I haven’t stopped since it began at the beginning of July. Some days I just didn’t feel like putting anything together; salad was too much work; I didn’t want to hang out by the BBQ; and there wasn’t much beside fruit, jam, and pesto in the freezer. Luckily I have a box of GF KD in the cupboard.

While I’ve never been much of a fan of the original KD, I would have it once in a blue moon. Since going gluten-free it’s been out of the house and I made it from scratch. But then Metro released their GF line and I couldn’t help picking up a few boxes for The Honey. To him it doesn’t taste the same, to me it does.

The rice pasta holds its shape well and the cheese powder sticks to it nicely. The directions are the same and you can lower the dairy content with margarine and rice milk (the cheese powder contains milk ingredients) without altering the taste. It even has the same crazy orange colour. The only downside is that the pasta takes a little longer to cook, compared with its gluten-counterpart.

Unlike The Honey, I couldn’t eat this every night, but there are always a few boxes in the cupboard for him. They’re there for me too when a blue moon rolls around.


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