January 12, 2011

Edgar! At Last!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Edgar, I have to ask ‘Where have you been hiding?!’ Those around me have probably grown impatient hearing about my desire to go a café on the other side of the river. Well, I finally made it and it was worth the wait.

Marysol of She Eats Bears opened up Edgar, a nice little café, at the end of October. Unfortunately, I was in Toronto during opening weekend and couldn’t wait to return and pay her a visit. Followers knew how hard Marysol had worked towards that weekend and the delicious offerings she would have. We would read about her latest creations and drool over the pictures. Her fine-tuned culinary skills were evident in what she produced and as a result, followers awaited the opening of Edgar knowing the care and quality that would greet them.

Unfortunately, it took me two months to get there. It was torture as I read reviews from Eva, the pair at FoodiePrints, and quirky Ron Eades. Then I saw Marysol on Rogers Daytime and heard her interview on CBC. I couldn’t wait any longer. You see it really was torture for me. I have every Friday off and since Edgar’s opening weekend I’ve been planning to go for a nice lunch. But every Friday something came up – errands or a pathetic quest for jeans, or I’d be far away. With the holidays coming up and my sister in town (and my mom arriving earlier) I was finally able to go across the river. The anticipation was growing each day of the week.

Edgar is a quaint spot that has a counter in the front overlooking the street and three high-top tables along the side. The red stools catch your eye as do the fresh buds atop each table. Her café feels like warm sunshine on a bitterly cold day. You instantly feel warm upon seeing it and even warmer once you step inside and see what’s on offer.

I put my French to the test translating some items for my mom and sister and when stuck Marysol or the nice tall gentleman behind the counter helped me out (hmm, could that be Simon?). All three of us were lured by the soup: tomato & basil, sweet potato, and red lentil, and ironically we got one of each. I was so happy to be there that I had forgotten to take some pictures (darn, have to go back!). Our soup was presented with a swirl of herbed oil and the cutest little buns. Mom couldn’t get enough of them. All the soups were delicious and full of flavour so it was quite hard not to eat it quickly . The lentil soup was spicy and had some kick, but was still oh so pleasant. I hope to have that one on my next visit (mom didn’t want to share – the nerve!) as I don’t make enough bean soups myself.

As the lunch hour passed I was surprised by the number of people coming in; it was 2pm and packed with people waiting. As we began wrapping up I picked up two of Edgar’s famous date & bacon brioche for the Honey. Two of his favourite things -a sweet bun and bacon all wrapped up together in a cute little package. He was so happy the next morning at work when he opened up his little surprise.

We left Edgar to head home all warm and content on the sunny, but slippery streets. Before my gushing gets too much out of control (if it hasn’t already) I’ll say one more thing: Go to Edgar. You’ll enjoy it.

It’s so easy to find, just off Tache Blvd, across from the entrance to Gatineau Park

60 rue Bégin (off of Alexandre-Taché), Gatineau
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


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