January 7, 2011

Taking Time

This week I’ve been on a reduced schedule as many of my students are still off or have training/meetings. Plus Monday was a holiday for those who work for the government, and that means it was a holiday for me too. I can’t complain and I have enjoyed having many days to myself.

Monday the decorations and tree were put away and some cleaning ensued. My little Santa babushka (nesting doll) went back in the box until next year.

I had a chance to put our new TV stand together. But like many Ikea directions, some things weren’t really clear (even though I consider myself a pro with Ikea furniture assembly) and I didn’t leave room for the cords. Well, out came the drill and a steak knife and some holes were born.

In the mornings I had off I started the day with a soy nog latte. I really enjoy egg nog, but the combined egg and milk really do a number on my tummy. Many many years ago I found Noel Nog by So Nice in the grocery stores and it tastes pretty much the same. This year it was hard to find for some reason, but low and behold, I came across some at the Metro at Lincoln Fields. Two bottles came home with me and they taste great heated up as a latte.

There are two things I love about the holiday season: The above egg nog lattes, at home or at one of the local coffee shops.

I fell in love with them while doing my teacher training in Vancouver eons ago and with all the Starbucks locations in that city, they were hard to resist. Now it seems all the major coffee shops have them, Second Cup, Bridgehead and they really taste the same. The problem this year was resisting them every day or many times a day.

The second thing I love are pomegranates. I love the flavour and colour of a pomegranate. They are only around for a short period of time so I try and get my fill.

There is no easy way to eat them unless you want to spend the time taking out all the seeds individually, and honestly, that takes too much time and effort. I prefer to dive right in. I refuse to eat them anywhere but at home. I have my routine: I wear dark clothing and have some paper towels nearby. After cutting them into quarters I peel back some of the skin and pith and begin eating. It’s almost savage-like, hence why I eat them at home, and usually alone too. The Honey once commented on my lack of class while eating a pomegranate (he’s never had one) and since then, I try to eat them alone.

With this extra time I have I’ve been hitting some of the shops on the hunt for a poster. My sister, knowing I’ve been on the lookout for a ‘Keep Calm’ poster, found an apron for me. I’m sure it’ll become a fixture in my kitchen. But I’m still looking for a poster.

While at Homesense I found a stash of boxed gluten-free goodies. I’ve seen some of them at the health food or specialty stores, but have never picked one up (I’m not one for pre-packaged mixes and the price steered me clear). Since they were at Homesense the price was a lot less and I couldn’t resist. ‘For the sake of research’ I told myself as I loaded up a basket. This is what I brought home with me

I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts as I make my way through them.

On days I’m home for lunch I can have whatever I want. One day it was gluten-free crackers and a nice creamy camembert cheese, with some sliced dill pickles on the side. Today it was a grilled cheese sandwich.

I always hear of funky fillings yet never try them so today I was living on the edge (not really but we can pretend). On my gluten-free toast was extra old cheddar, sliced cherry tomatoes, and Dijon mustard. It was yummy. It warmed me up inside as I looked out the kitchen window and saw the falling snow. A nice way to spend a Friday lunch.


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