September 26, 2010

Hummus and Chips

Yesterday lunch was an easy and light one. Dinner was early last night since we were going to a friend’s house-warming party.

It’s hard to find a hummus that isn’t loaded with mayo and eggs. I could make my own, but whenever I do, it has a very strong garlic taste, no matter how little garlic I use. This Lemon Dill Hummus is great. The lemon and dill isn’t overpowering and not too faint. It’s just there.

These Baked Lentil Chips I picked up at Bulk Barn are nice and hold up to a thick dip. They tasted really good with the hummus.

The hummus is at most grocery stores where the dips are kept are the usual price. The lentil chips (by The Mediterranean Snack Co. ) can be found at Bulk Barn (around $3.50 a bag).


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