September 29, 2010

The Keg

The other night the Honey and I went out for dinner. We had a gift certificate for The Keg and I was going to be in the Market anyway so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to treat ourselves.

As we were sitting there enjoying a glass of wine, I realized that I could have almost anything I wanted. I say ‘almost’ because gluten was the reason some items were off-limits. But in experimenting with meat, I had a choice. I wasn’t resigned to having salmon – although I love salmon, I don’t want it every time I eat out. (Vegetarians: close your eyes) I was at a steakhouse and I could have steak!

Surprisingly, or maybe not to some, The Keg is quite celiac friendly. Our server was very helpful and keen to get information he didn’t know (he was new) and on a return trip he came back with a gluten-free menu. Of course there are the usual culprits missing, such as bread, but also some sauces or items that may have gluten or are thickened with flour. All in all, the selection is still quite large. The manager even came over to discuss the menu and their commitment to their customers. It was very unexpected, but also great to see.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves – the service, the food, and the wine. I just wish I remembered the name of the wine we had, it was amazing.


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