June 29, 2010


Something is bothering me this week and I’m not sure what it is. I’m sleeping well, eating healthy, and getting some exercise in. Work is going alright – it’s the calm before the storm as the 200 students arrive on Monday. And I haven’t had any gluten. But, I’ve been quite irritable the last two days. The kind I feel when I’ve had some gluten-type product. It’s not only annoying because people are bothering me, but because I don’t know what’s causing it. Maybe I’m just having a few bad days without realizing it. I think things are going alright; I didn’t even freak out when the mad winds blew out the flame on my BBQ last night. I said the f- and s-word once, but that was all. Maybe it’s just one of those freaky things going on.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my dinner. I had some asparagus in the fridge, picked up at the Parkdale Market, tossed it in some homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and put it on the Barbie. Served it with some chopped tomatoes, shaved parmesan cheese and ground pepper. It was tasty and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.

The original recipe is from Foodland Ontario. Give it a try while fresh local asparagus is still around.


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