July 4, 2010

Caprese Ristorante Italiano

Back in March, my Honey and I were looking for some GF restaurants, mainly for breakfast. I was finally finished with my evil-food cleanse and wanted to go out for breakfast. In our search we came across Dino at Gluten Free Ghetto who had written about an Italian restaurant that was 100% gluten free. I have fallen in love.

I’m quite particular about Italian restaurants because I often walk out with my wallet feeling much lighter and my impressions lowered. Being a fan of pasta, and learning to survive on it during university, I can make pretty good sauce. I’m sure it probably doesn’t compare to someone’s Italian grandma’s, but mine is pretty good. And often I leave Italian restaurants thinking ‘Hmmm, my sauce is better’. Thankfully, that wasn’t so after our visit to Caprese Italian Restaurant.

We have ventured there a few times, just the two of us (my Honey and I) or with friends and I have yet to be disappointed. After trying various things off their menu, on this visit I decided on the table d’hôte – breaded chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese. Warm bread always arrives at the table with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. The gluten free bread is light and airy, and delicious. It’s hard to stop. Like all our previous visits, we were very happy with our meal. Our only wish is that we have enough room for dessert, but it doesn’t happen too often. We even skipped an appetizer this time round and to no avail, still no room for dessert.

Caprese is a relaxed Italian restaurant where you can go and you don’t have to worry about anything. The server is always friendly and helpful, and on some occasions the chef has popped out to chat to his customers. The wine list is large enough to have something there for everyone and they carry GF beers. Cider is on the menu, but I have yet to have one there; sadly, they are always out of it. The prices are also quite reasonable. It’s comparable to some other Italian restaurants of the same quality, and the prices aren’t hiked up due to being gluten free. Caprese is located at 696 Bronson Ave near Carling (613-231-3885). Street parking is available off Bronson on the side streets. While their website is still under construction, a menu lists their appetizers, pastas, and entrees.



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