August 31, 2013

Getting Through the Heat Wave with Gluten-Free Tortillas

This week has been hot and muggy, reminding us that summer is not going anywhere anytime soon. It threatened to rain all week and we finally got some relief last night. We didn’t mind because our garden needed it. Hose water just isn’t the same.

We haven’t felt like doing much because of the hot humid temperatures for most of the summer. This week I’ve gone out early for my morning walk this week trying to beat the heat; not always successfully. We haven’t been cooking that much; not even barbequing. I grilled a few chicken breasts to last us the week, but this summer I don’t even want to stand in front of the BBQ or eat something hot.

Thankfully Rudi’s has brought their gluten-free tortillas to Canada and we’ve been eating wraps like they’re going out of style. I am quite thankful they are now available because when the Enjoy Life wraps first came out they were wonderful, but something changed and they became quite abysmal. Rudi’s tortilla wraps are softer and more pliable, bending every which way without breaking. They will eventually break given the right conditions, like squeezing them to death. I picked up the spinach ones thinking about the gluten ones in the grocery store that have spinach, tomato, or vegetables upping the nutrients.  They didn’t taste too much like spinach – comparing it to a salad – but they tasted good, especially wrapped with some roasted vegetables (those prepacked trays at Metro are wonderful and two-three on the BBQ at once will last us the week, and less time cooking).

Each package contains 8 tortillas and costs around $6-7 depending on where you buy them. I found mine at Natural Pantry, but I’ve also heard that Rainbow Foods carries them. Foodsmiths in Perth is where I first discovered them hoping that somewhere closer to home would have them (and they do). The price does seem a little high, especially compared to the gluten-counterpart, but don’t most gf items? Depending on how many meals you can get out of it can help swallow the cost. If you’re one person and stuff the wraps full, then they’ll seem much cheaper, but if you’re feeding a family of four or making small sandwiches the package is going to empty quickly.

They are perfect for my sandwiches and I’ll definitely be picking them up again.


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