August 26, 2013


It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Although we technically have another few weeks, it is finished for many as they head back to school and a regular work routine. It feels a little weird for me as I haven’t really been looking for a job; instead working on a business plan. That was the deal The Honey and I made. He would be ok with me being unemployed as long as I got my business plan done. He probably had visions of me lounging in a recliner in the sun with a bottle/glass of something next to me, and I don’t blame him. If it hadn’t been for our deal I probably would have procrastinated quite a bit. I have been working hard and trying to get over some road blocks, which haven’t been that easy. I finally got over some confusion with numbers (Oh numbers and me don’t always get along) and am off to the finish line. Not quite, but I’m getting closer.

Weekends have been short getaways or day trips outside the city escaping from what awaits us at home, besides the cat. A sunny day in Perth led us to Sweet & Savoury Traditions, just off the main street downtown. It’s a tiny place with a few tables and chairs, but with many options for those who are gluten free. Upon walking in one is greeted by plates of baked goodies, a few being gluten-free. Tall shelves line the walls with goodies, either pre-packaged or made locally; again, many are gf. You can order something to be made for you to enjoy there or wander over to the reach-in freezer, which is full of goodies to take home. Here, you can browse to your content because the gf items are marked on the label (with a big red dot) and there are so many choices. Some is naturally gf, like Shepard’s Pie, while others are made with gf replacements, like the gf vegetable lasagna.

Upon arriving home, the cabbage rolls and veggie lasagna were popped into the freezer for when they were needed. A week or so had passed before they were reheated and enjoyed. Both were filling for one person as is, maybe two if salad or vegetables were added to the meal. Both the cabbage rolls and lasagna had nice flavour and I would buy them again, especially since the price and size are good. The list of ingredients is what they should be: real food and simple.


Lunch one day took us to Carleton Place where we ended up at The GoodFood Co. It was a busy spot. The menu had a variety and as we made our way through it I saw that many items were gf. I was surprised and happy, and even The Honey was impressed.

Some follow-up questions are still needed though just to make sure and so anything of concern can be left off. I was disappointed that the soy sauce for the sushi wasn’t gf because I got my hopes up. Instead I got a chicken Caesar salad (sans croutons) and I was still pleased. This is a ‘real Caesar’ and had enough garlic to ward off any vampires – awesome. The salad was substantial, not drowning in dressing, and the chicken was moist. I was very satisfied and quickly forgot about the sushi option.

Food at both businesses is made with love and it shows; it’s delicious.


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