June 19, 2013

And Bamm!

Well, it finally happened. I got sick. The Honey got a sore throat a week ago and it snowballed from there. He finally felt better last Monday, thanks in part to Caesar salad dressing kicked up with a tonne of garlic. However, the garlic didn’t ward off the sore throat that was beginning to be felt for me and the following morning it was in full force. Otherwise I felt alright so I trekked off to work. Within the hour I had a pain between my eyes, a heavy head, an itchy nose, and sore muscles. I knew it wasn’t my allergies as I had been taking those tablets for weeks (and they were wreaking havoc on my arthritis meds). I came home from work knowing that I probably wouldn’t be there the following day (and thankfully my bosses are understanding). Upon arriving home I gave my flower pots a quick water and noticed how well some of our plants are doing.

Ever since we moved to our new house and brought our peonies with us, they haven’t bloomed. We had a bud last year, but nothing materialized. Ironically, the scraggly ones popping up from the other side of the fence have one blossom each every year. This year, our plants have so many buds (and ants are crawling on them!) so my hopes are now set high (note: we now have three nice big blooms).

Our clematis is also doing phenomenal. Again, since we moved it, the four plants barely made it a foot tall. As of today they are climbing the trellis’ (trelli? pl?) with a vengeance. The Honey and I are floored.

Once inside I just wanted something to eat. I needed something in my stomach after a day of not eating much. I had a quiche in the fridge, but my tummy wouldn’t handle the eggs. I needed some toast and there were some avocados perfectly ripe in the fruit bowl.

I also had my eye one something to soothe my throat. I have a bottle of something special for those particular winter nights that warms me up from the inside out. For me, it’s an indulgence and why I don’t mind the hefty price tag. It’s so smooth and perfect for a sore throat. Only one hitch: it was 4:15. I have no problems uncorking a bottle of wine or uncapping a beer/cider at noon, but somehow this was different. Maybe because I was going to be under a blanket on the couch and in a horrible state. Later in the evening I did pour myself a bit and as always it tasted delicious and my throat instantly felt better. Maybe I should have poured a glass earlier.


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