February 24, 2013

Organic Works

When I see a deal at one of the stores I always stroll over to see what’s there. It could be something I don’t need or something I’d never even look when it’s on a regular shelf, but once that ‘clearance tag’ comes up or those red or pink stickers are slapped on, over I go. I don’t necessarily buy the product, but I do take a peak. If there’s something I’ve been thinking about trying, then I’ll pick it up. I’ll usually pick up some produce off the clearance shelf, especially in winter when I can get a bag of peppers for $1 instead of the usual $3-4/lb. Bananas are tossed into the freezer if they’re overripe for banana bread. With gluten-free goodies, I’ll usually pick them up – just to try.

This is what I did on one trip to Rainbow Foods.

I’ve seen the Organic Works line at some of the Farm Boy stores and at Rainbow Foods, where they have a nice range. I was disappointed with the brownies (jammed- packed with bananas!?!) that I had picked up a few months ago. On this trip they had a shelf of the organic cinnamon buns and they were on sale. For $1 I could get a pack of two gluten-free cinnamon buns. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse – so I got 3 packs!

These aren’t your usual fat-laden, greasy, and icing-coated cinnamon buns. These little guys are not only organic, but also vegan, soy-free, lactose-free, and nut-free. No need to worry, they are flavourful too. These became my breakfast treat (and The Honey enjoyed them too!). It has been many years since I’ve had a cinnamon bun and I’m happy to see that there is a gluten-free version on the market. It’s also nice to support a small Canadian company (from London, ON!).

These are tasty buns and they are a nice treat. Warmed up with a cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. If you are a cinnamon bun lover, I think you’d be happy. They are normally priced just shy of $7, which seems a little steep considering you only get two. But on sale, I’d be happy to pick them up.


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