February 22, 2013

Are You A Stone Face Dolly?

We probably go out for breakfast more than we go out for dinner, especially on a weekend. It isn’t to help cure a hangover though. It’s because I can’t fry an egg. Yes, laugh all you want. I usually burn my toast too, so there you go; laugh some more. I can make a mean omelet, frittata and quiche, but the overeasy egg. Forget it. As a result, we have a small list of breakie places we frequent and rotate through. We recently gave up one (it used to be fabulous, but with new staff again and again, the service has become less than lack lustre) and have an opening for another.

Stone Face Dolly’s isn’t part of our regular rotation, but we do like going there. There, breakfast is heavenly and getting some greens next to my omelet makes me feel a little bit more refined. On our last visit The Honey saw ‘Gluten-Free Toast’ on the chalkboard and I grew excited. I could get a Benny!!! Oh, how I missed Eggs Florentine. Our waiter confirmed that there wasn’t any flour in their hollandaise sauce (Why do restaurants put it there?!?) and I waited in anticipation. It was as good as I imagined.

After breakfast I’ve never had room for dessert and I’ve heard their flourless chocolate Kahlua cake is divine. While Stone Face Dolly’s is one of our breakfast places, we’ve never tried their lunch or dinner menu. It looks like it would be do-able for a celiac so one day I’ll give it a try. It has to be good if John Catucci says ‘You gotta eat here!’.


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