February 1, 2012

Simple Plan for One

Once or twice a week I’m on my own for dinner. The Honey meets up with some co-workers for a pint or he’s off to see a friend’s band play. While some of the girlfriends and wives of the others are less than impressed with their other half being out and about, I relish the ‘me time’. To me, I can go out or do what I please. That also means having whatever I want for dinner. The Honey will argue that I have whatever I want for dinner regardless, but when he’s not home I don’t hear a peep about it.

Sometimes it’ll be something nice and something I’ve been dying to try or make. Sometimes it’ll be something The Honey doesn’t like. And sometimes it’ll be something so simple and so easy. For those times I grab a magazine and sit at the kitchen table nibbling and munching and saying ‘Mmmmmm’. On those days anything goes.

Since I have a love for cheese, there will usually be some kind of cheese involved. And one of the best parts is that I don’t have to worry about sharing.

If I’m down in the market I’ll pop into The House of Cheese and pick something up. They usually have something on sale or something different for a great price. Once in a while I’ll pick up some Sage Derby cheese. Yes, it’s green. It’s a beautiful shade of sage. The first time I laid eyes on it I had to try some and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is like an old cheddar in its flavour – it isn’t bland but it isn’t overpowering. And yes, I’ll often have it with a nice mild Dijon mustard.

Sometimes it’s a pungent camembert from the cheese counter at the nearby Metro. It tastes nice with a vegetable cracker I recently discovered by Glutino.

At the Celiac Conference in May I found Casabi Crackers and they were different than others I had tried. These round little crackers are light and hold up to cheese and dips. The onion or garlic crackers are nice with a smooth creamy cheese and the plain ones are good too if you’d like something with less flavour. I had stocked up and my supply is now dwindling so I’ll need to look closer at a few stores to see if they are available.

Cheese and cracker time doesn’t happen that often as my tummy is not a happy camper when I have it; my taste buds are, but my tummy isn’t. That is why when I have it, I want it to taste delicious.


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