February 5, 2012

Are You A Silly Yak?

In a previous post I had written about visiting friends in Kingston for Thanksgiving and the delicious meal they made us. The Honey and I played locals for the weekend as we all ventured to some markets and shops. These are old friends, going back to my first year in uni, and there’s something about old friends that reminds you why they are your friends.

In the car deciding where to go next, the husband pulled into a small strip mall then stopped the car. We were a little confused until we saw the cafĂ© sign ‘The Silly Yak’. Needless to say I was very excited and gladly so were my friends.
The Silly Yak is Kingston’s gluten-free bistro and bakery. The front has an eclectic selection of tables and chairs to have your lunch or dinner and there’s a shelf off to the side with a small selection of gluten-free products for sale. Ironically, their Thanksgiving dinner special was the same as our menu, but we were there for their baked goods, which were arranged nicely in their glass display case.

Robert Pearson, part owner, helped me make my selection of pecan tarts, black and white cookies, apple cinnamon scones, pumpkin pie, some buns, and lastly a loaf of raisin bread. He was very nice and personable, telling us he had many people from Ottawa stopping in on their way to somewhere. Robert was happy to hear my girlfriend’s positive feedback from her dining experiences there with colleagues (to accommodate a celiac co-worker). He also pointed out a small freezer with some bread and dinner items for take-out. 


I left with a few bags of goodies (see above) to take back with me to Ottawa, all of which were delicious. I was slightly disappointed in the black and white cookie – it was a great tasting cookie, but I was expecting something spectacular, not just special black and white icing. My favourite was the pumpkin pie because it was smooth and not overpowering. The whipped cream was a nice addition.

Prices varied depending on the items, from affordable, to worth it, to slightly overpriced. I will definitely return and hopefully with the friends we visited. I’d love to relax there over a nice lunch.


keven pearson said...

Thanks for your nice comments above! Just wanted to let you know that we at the Silly Yak are in the process of moving locations (as of May 2012) and are moving to 1365 Midland Ave in Kingston K7P 2W5. The website and phone number will remain the same.


Keven Pearson

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