October 25, 2011

Seasons Changing

Throughout the summer The Honey and I would comment on how quickly it was passing. No sooner had summer begun that it seemed to be winding down. Work and errands kept us busier than usual and time just flew by. In August we lamented we hadn’t gotten to Gatineau Park at all, there were few bike rides along the river, and we really hadn’t gone anywhere, in or outside the city. It seemed as through summer had passed us by.

One particular weekend, as we were sitting outside having lunch and enjoying the beautiful weather, we began our complaining. Then The Honey realized we have been enjoying the year, just doing other things instead.

For Victoria Day weekend we joined friends to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. There was a nice group of friends and family who enjoyed a beautiful weekend, great food and drinks and fun company. This time we were on the Plateau, an area new to us, so The Honey and I explored until his feet were aching.

In June we ventured to Mont Tremblant. Only 1 ½-2 hrs away, we had never gone and had heard so much about it. Again, we were spoilt with beautiful weather and a tonne of walking in the mountains.

Our big trip this year would again take place in September and we were looking forward to it.  With work keeping us both so busy we were dying for an extended period away from everyday life. We finally decided on Boston.

And while we were there, we’d spend some time in Cape Cod too. We were lucky a third time and had beautiful weather that allowed us to venture everywhere on foot. Well, almost. We had to drive to some heavenly sand beaches to do the walking.

I’ll soon post our travels with some great places to see and eat – some were easier than others. But we also realized that no matter how short summer was, holidays can be just as short and we need to take some time to remember them.


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