July 11, 2011

Mary’s Gone Crackers

(No mom, this isn’t about you)

With some of this hot humid weather hanging around light lunches and dinners become more common. Sometimes I’ll pull out some cheese and crackers and that will suffice. It isn’t anything out of this world – just cheese and crackers. But get the right cheese and crackers and it can be out of this world.

My sister once told me that if I had been a vegan instead of a vegetarian, I probably would have weighed 15 lbs less. I wasn’t insulted. I love a good cheese and I knew it was a reason extra pounds hung around. Going gluten free provides a challenge in finding those good crackers. Sorry, those rice things at the grocery store remind me of plastic – in appearance and taste – and never surface in my home. And sometimes you find a great gf cracker, but then it disappears.

Then there’s Mary’s Gone Crackers.

These little rounds are the perfect two-bite cracker (one if you feel like shovelling it in) and are full of flavour. There are many flavours – herb, black pepper, caraway, and original. They can be found not just at the health food store like Rainbow Foods or the Natural Pantry, but also at the regular grocery store and Shoppers Drug Mart (of all places!). A colleague years ago ate them almost every day. That’s how much she loved them. And they are good. They are nice with some cheese or scooping up some dip – they don’t break that easily – which can be really nice.

For me, the crackers are the best of Mary’s product line. I’ve tried the twigs and cookies, and I’m not a fan. But the crackers… yummy.


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