July 15, 2011

Going Looney

Those lovely ladies of Looneyspoons fame have a line of frozen foods that are not only supposed to be healthy, but taste good too. My sister has tried many of them with great feedback, but I had never seen any of their products in the stores. That is until last summer.

My little Metro has a stash once in a while of Janet & Greta’s Perfect Portion patties. They are a little pricey, so I stock up when they go on sale. The added bonus: they are gluten free. Of course, meat patties should be gluten free, but they aren’t always. For the recent last weekend I was stuck looking at box after box. My grocery trip had to be left until the last minute since I wasn’t going to be home until late and my groceries couldn’t be left in a hot car. Getting more annoyed by the box, I just wished for those fresh patties from the meat counter. Just plain meat was all I wanted and the meat counter was practically empty! I digress.

These chicken patties are perfect for the BBQ and come in two types: roasted vegetable, and bean, corn and cilantro. The latter are my favourites. During the winter months they just weren’t the same. Maybe they need fire and sunshine.

I’ve never mourned the loss of the burger bun from my plate. Instead of the bread I dress up the patty with some vegetables or some sort of dip like humus or guacamole. Mustard is my favourite condiment so sometimes nice and simple is good too.

With BBQ season in full swing I need to track some more of these patties down.


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