June 22, 2011


Summer solstice was yesterday and I got thinking on my way home how much my mood has changed since March. Although my schedule at work has changed, it can’t be that since my long hours have me quite tired. There isn’t much free time as I’ve been quite busy since March and there is little time for myself. It can’t be the longer days as it’s been quite rainy all spring. Can’t be my student as I always have fabulous students (How lucky am I?!).

Maybe it’s the length of day. Even though it’s been raining so much, it is lighter in the morning and the evening.

Maybe it’s those lovely birds chirping whenever I’m out or near a window. They sound so happy, even when I silently curse them for waking me up at 5am.

Maybe it's the lovely smells of spring. My neighbour's lilacs greeted me every time I came home from the grocery store.

Maybe it’s the colours. I could see my front yard from blocks away and it looked so darn nice (due to lots of hard work). Everyone’s garden just seemed so much more colourful this year.


Maybe it’s all those goslings along the river. We’ve become pros over the years at when to expect them and figuring out how old the young are when we see a new set.

Or the ducklings; they always seem to arrive a few weeks later.

Maybe it’s all the fresh produce making an appearance at the markets. I wish I could eat it faster; it’s all so darn good.

Maybe it’s everything combined. Enjoying every minute because you just don’t know what you may see or what may happen.


Pearl said...

The asparagus looks lovely in your framing. Appreciate your words of common sense at Foodie Prints. So much ugly flash food photography doesn't serve restaurant or reader.

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