May 1, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Like many, I too was glued to the television Friday morning for the Royal Wedding. I love the Royal Family and the history behind it. I’m not obsessed, nor do I buy all the tabloids (or believe all the trash talk), but I did take the day off. The Honey thought I was crazy, but was he surprised? No, not really.

I invited some friends over for a little party. No fancy dresses or glamour; it was 5am after all. Comfy clothes and yoga pants were the dress code. The Metro daily had an article on all the cocktails you should serve (being symbolic) for your Royal Wedding Party, and I thought ‘Like I want cocktails that early!!’. I know it’s twelve o’clock somewhere, but seriously. Instead, we had scones with cream and jam and a small lemon coconut loaf.

While we waited for the balcony kiss we had baked eggs with toast, homefries, and back bacon. Being as early as it was there was plenty of coffee and tea, but also sparkling wine on its own or as a mimosa. (As a side note: If you make scones with fruit, bake them right away, otherwise they turn a funky colour – they taste fine regardless).

While my friends arrived at 5:30 (they just couldn’t get up earlier and who could blame them) I got up at 3:30 – I didn’t want to miss a thing. Plus it gave me time to set out my Union Jack Jelly Bellies.

It was a beautiful wedding and event. For many it’s a dream come true; marrying a Prince. I have mine so hopefully you have yours.

It was also wonderful to spend time with friends. Ooooing and ahhhing over fashion, love, and getting a giggle just isn’t the same when you’re by yourself. Company is needed and it was great company.

As the morning came to a close friends went home hoping to have a nap. Unfortunately, we were too wired on coffee for that to happen (I had the shakes by mid-afternoon!).

Tired, yet happy, my guests left with a feeling of happiness for the newlyweds and some souvenirs to enjoy – some jelly bellies, chocolate buttons, and some lemon coconut cupcakes (the same as the loaf but with orange buttercream icing).

The cupcakes were actually muffins made from a Glutino muffin mix that was part of my Homesense stash.

I had some leftover icing and so decided to make them into cupcakes. I added some shredded coconut, vanilla and lemon extract. They had nice flavour, but I found them quite dry. If I made these again I’d add some extra canola oil or margarine to the recipe. They’re really easy to make and I like the idea that the batter is plain so you can add your own spin to it (I had trouble deciding between chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed or lemon coconut). Rather than buying it again, I’ll try some recipes from scratch. But if you feel like trying it out, it’s not a bad product.


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