January 16, 2011

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Italian Style

Every once in a while when I’m at DiRienzo Foods on Meadowlands, I pick up some cookies. They always have the Le Veneziane brand and since I like the pasta I figured I’d try the cookies. The first time I bought them I made the mistake of opening the bag in the car. What greeted me was the smell of chocolate chip cookies. You can’t say that about many packaged gluten-free cookies.

I had one. Then I had another. Then another. They were good.

Sor Risi di Mais chocolate cookies are not large, but they have nice flavour and texture. They aren’t grainy or mealy and they melt in your mouth a little. They aren’t super chocolaty, but I like that. The cookie base is full of a flour taste either. This is a nice cookie.


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