November 14, 2010


Life has been quite busy lately and as a result, my posts haven’t been as frequent. Two weeks ago I got a pile of new students so I’ve been busy getting used to them and all the lesson planning that comes with it. A friend and I have been busy baking and trying out new recipes plus the ones we love. To top it off, my body has been adjusting to the time change; always an ordeal that takes days, possibly a week.

With all this busy-ness dinners have been quick, calls and emails with friends and family have been sparse or brief, and I have been left very, very tired. Sometimes I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. I’m not young anymore and my body can no longer handle a lot of the additional stress (mental and physical). Don’t think I’m wussy, because I’m not. In fact I’m far from it. But I do see a difference in me, my present with my past.

To top it off, today was a horrible day. We participated in a craft fair with some gluten-free baking and we were left disheartened and angry. There were many reasons that contributed and we should have known what lay ahead when our morning started out badly. Our table spot was in a corner, and it was dark. There also wasn’t a lot of traffic so our hopes of selling much lowered as time went on.

Throughout the day my friend and I reminisced of our days of working in pubs and restaurants. Of times when you could tell customers how rude and ridiculous they were behaving. Sometimes I miss those moments, and today we both missed it. We couldn’t get over how rude some people are, and we’re sure that if their children had behaved that way, they would have been smacked on the bum. And this behaviour is quite the opposite of what we encountered last week. There was only encouragement and pleasure, from people who knew a celiac and gluten-eaters alike. We received so many positive comments on how our goodies tasted like ‘the real thing’. As you can imagine, we were very happy and pleased. But today, nothing but snide comments, an ‘ew yuck’ here and there (and they hadn’t even tasted it!!), and scrunched up noses. Needless to say we were frustrated, both with peoples’ closed-mindness and their disregard for behaving like a human being.

Although I’m one for speaking one’s mind, there’s also a place and time for it. The expression ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ as been around for a long time for a reason. Why say something if your only goal is to be hurtful? Would they like to be told something like that in turn? I was so tempted, but no. I was trying to market something and needed to be nice. Damn, I hated being nice sometimes!

After many hours of torturing ourselves I returned home. I needed one of these.

I don’t drown my sorrows in this stuff, but sometimes it helps loosen those knots and twisted muscles that have accumulated over the course of sometimes stressful moments. Massage therapy helps too, but it isn’t as cheap.

Luckily I have a wonderful man. The Honey knows that sometimes I need to get it out. ‘Bitch’ as he calls it. An old colleague called it ‘A Rick Mercer rant’. I get it out and then I’m all better. Even if he pretends he’s listening it helps. We had planned to go out for dinner tonight knowing that I’d be too tired to cook, and after today I wanted something safe. I wanted something guaranteed to be good. It would help me get over the day. It was decided. The Foolish Chicken it was.


The Foolish Chicken never disappoints as the chicken is tender and moist. The dipping sauce has a nice smoky flavour and isn’t overpowering. The sweet potato fries are always good and crispy. A bottle of gluten-free beer or cider is always nice on the side. The atmosphere is always great -- good music, lighting at the perfect level, and a menu and staff that is gluten-free aware.

To cap it off, dessert was waiting for me at home. A leftover square – chocolate, coconut, crazy sweetness. The day was officially over and I’ve moved on.

Yes, in my family food can always comfort you


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