October 13, 2010

Glebe Sauntering

Yesterday I needed to run to the Glebe for a few errands and decided, since I had the time, to pop into some old and new haunts while I was there. The weather was nice and sunny even though the wind put a chill in the air.

I popped into the usual places, like the Glebe Emporium, J.D Adams, and the Papery. I stopped in at Brio to get some wash liquid for delicates. I’ve never been one to treat my delicates very nicely and sometimes the work seemed like too much of a hassle. But they have a great product called ‘soak’ and all you literally have to do is soak your gear for 10 minutes then rinse. No shaking them around or wringing them out. It couldn’t get any easier than that. I’ve been converted.

I also popped into Nicastro’s and found some little pieces of cheese that was a nice treat for lunch. I have learnt in the last year that I need to limit the amount of cheese I consume. Too much and my body isn’t happy. Gone are the days of having three types of cheese in the fridge (along with the parm and cheddar). I got a raw goat’s milk hard cheese and a slice of camembert. They were perfect size for two slices of toast.

Whenever I’m in the Glebe I pop into The Wild Oat. I’ve always heard that they carry gluten-free goodies, but whenever I’m there I’m out of luck. They have their regular wheat laden stuff and many items made with spelt; fine when I was only wheat-free, but never gluten-free. It was my lucky day because on the shelf were gluten-free date squares and gluten-free chocolate peanut butter squares. I may have mentioned before that I love date squares, but don’t like making them (what a pain!) and so I had to get one. The chocolate peanut butter square had to be tried as well. Lunch was done!

It was hard, but I got them home. Well, at least most of it did. Half of the chocolate and peanut butter square had to be sacrificed for the sake of hunger panes. The date square was great - chewy and moist – and the pb square; it was just ok.


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