October 11, 2010

Farm = Family

Every year for Thanksgiving we go to the Honey’s ancestral farm just across the river in Quebec. For me this is interesting and fun; 1) because his family has pretty much worked off this land since they arrived after the potato famine, and 2) the family is huge. It’s always nice to see everyone and hang out.

There are new additions.

 There’s always a hayride up to the ‘camp’ (this year we filled that wagon with people);

kids awaiting to start off

Passing by the sugar shack and the cows

We walk around marvelling at the colour of the trees; and sometimes walking down to the Blanche River. But always on the lookout for Meadow Muffins (cow patties).

This year a few had to stay behind and guard the hay from the cows.

Some cousins even pick out their Christmas tree; an annual event for tradition

Afterwards there’s a football game, and catching up.

This year the barn cats are friendly. I was told it is due to the increase of grandchildren and their fondness for the cats.

Needless to say there’s a big feast put on by his aunt and uncle and their daughters and daughters-in-law. Even though it is potluck, it is a lot of work and their effort is more than appreciated. This year my contribution was homemade gluten- free buns and a gluten-free pumpkin pie (I can’t go and not have dessert!!)

Every year the meal is fabulous and everyone enjoys every minute of it. Sometimes a little too much.

After settling down and letting our food digest, the cards come out. This family loves Euchre and no get-together is free from a few hands. There’s no time for small talk as those cards need to be kept moving. And when you’re done your game, you need to either move on to another table or find a new partner (if a bathroom break is needed).

Before you know it, the night comes to an end and it’s time to head back to Ottawa.

It’s a day to be thankful for family.


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