October 23, 2010


A while back I wrote that the Honey and I had taken a trip to Atlantic City and New York City. I also wrote that I would post some of our discoveries. Well, I’m finally doing it.

Travelling with a gluten allergy is not only tolerable, but do-able. Do some research, but don’t be afraid to wander from your pre-made list. Leave the anxieties at home.

Our trip is divided for the two cities for the sake of reference.

Atlantic City The breakfast buffet at our hotel, the Trump Marina, had the usual stuff plus an omelette station, some fruit salad (out of a jar mind you) and smoked salmon. I tried to stay healthy and had an omelette with some veggies and cheese. Back at the table I smiled at the smoked salmon on my plate – yeah, weird I know – and draped it on my omelette. Mmmmm.

Lunch was a bit more challenging as it was the typical big American buffets with batters and sauces. The restaurants we saw along the boardwalk seemed to be fast food (pizza and burgers), and others just seemed way expensive. Surprisingly many were closed until dinner. We settled on the buffet at the Showboat Casino/Hotel. It’s based on New Orleans and Mardi Gras and so the d├ęcor was really cool. The buffet was huge and I did find a few things I could eat. Being lunch time I didn’t want to ask any questions – the long line of people behind me deterred me – so I stuck to the very obvious safe bets. One would still find ample choices. There was also a big salad bar and some fresh fruit. When time came round for dessert I took a peek. Some looked like they may be possible. I asked the woman behind the table and she thought one or two would be fine, but she wanted to check to be on the safe side. I was really pleased to hear that, unfortunately the news wasn’t good as every one had flour in it one way or another. At least the fresh fruit tasted nice and fresh.

Dinner was at Melting Pot. I found it online and they could do things for celiac. It was a fondue restaurant and seemed so cool. It was a little more than we had expected to spend (actually a lot more), but there was sooooo much food. We enjoyed every minute of it and many minutes there were. We were literally there for hours because we needed to take breaks here and there. It was worth it though and dinner was fabulous (luckily for us we won on a slot machine so it paid for dinner and then some!).


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