October 24, 2010

AC & NYC part 2

A while back I wrote that the Honey and I had taken a trip to Atlantic City and New York City. I also wrote that I would post some of our discoveries. Well, I’m finally doing it.

Travelling with a gluten allergy is not only tolerable, but do-able. Do some research, but don’t be afraid to wander from your pre-made list. Leave the anxieties at home.

Our trip is divided for the two cities for the sake of reference.

New York City I had my list as I had gone through the web searching and cross referencing websites making sure the places were still up and running. It is NY. Its bad enough in Ottawa so I can only imagine in NY. We weren’t there solely to eat so weren’t planning our trip via my list of gluten-free restaurants, which is just as well since there were a number that disappeared by the time we got there. In restaurants it was pretty easy and wait-staff could answer questions or get the answers. Only once did I encounter a ‘dummy’, but I couldn’t get mad as the conversation was just ridiculous. It went like this:
Me: Excuse me, could you tell me if this macaroon is made with wheat or flour?
Her: Meat?!
Me: No wheat, like flour.
Her: No, there’s no wheat in it, but there’s flour. Do you want one? (and no she wasn’t kidding)
Me: Ah, no thanks (and I’m sure I gave her some kind of ‘are you an idiot?’ look)

There were many salad/sandwich shops around where you could customise your salads. It was great to see that they used a new bowl for every new salad. After the macaroon I was wondering what kind of response I would get requesting a new bowl for mine to be mixed in, but I didn’t have to. PAX Wholesome and Swich Wholesome Sandwich Co have locations throughout Manhattan.

Bloom’s Deli on Lexington and 40th was our breakfast place. They have a gluten-free menu and you would not believe the selection. I had gluten-free French toast for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long. It was delicious! The Honey was appalled that I put ketchup on it; always have done that and that’s the way I like it. Another day I had gluten-free pancakes. I had a regular breakfast on our last day so I could dip my gluten-free toast in my over-easy eggs. I haven’t had those in years.

Another night we got pizza at Slice, where they make it by the round or slice to order. It was great thin crust pizza and tasted good with New Grist beer (I’m starting to like that beer more and more). Ironically there were more Canadians in that little restaurant that night than locals (the cook, a family of ex-pats, a couple, and ourselves). Even more creepy was the fact that all of us, except the Honey, were originally from south-western Ontario. And of course we all, except for the Honey, ordered gluten-free crusts.

Other places included Sarabeth’s for delicious lunch (Central Park), CafĂ© del Mar (Greenwich Village) – both places had a nice patio for people watching; few and far between in NYC – and The Blind Tiger. What a great list of beers they had, all microbrews, and a cider; the only one I found.

Our last dinner was at Risotteria and it was great. We had gluten free pizzas and breadsticks; they were divine. I also had a St. Peter’s Sorghum Beer and it was delicious. I don’t know if I was more excited about the beer or the breadsticks or the pizza. It is my mission to find this beer. It tastes like beer!!!! No funky taste, no yeasty flavour. They also had baked goods and sweets, but I saw the prices and thought I’d stick to the beer. It was way too good to say ‘no’ to.


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