August 1, 2010

Visiting with my Mom

My mom is in town for work and when she comes, she stays with us. Since she lives in Southwestern Ontario I don’t get to spend much time with her and so we relish the time we have together. We share many characteristics, and one of them is trying new things. My Honey is a little picky when it comes to food so with my mom in town I can make what I want and it is less of a chore to have something on the side for my Honey.

We made trips to the Lansdowne Market and picked up some fruit and veggies, some bison burgers from Pykeview Meadows, and some little gluten free sweets from Pretty-Fours.

I also found some more rhubarb (it’s still out there!) and made another gluten free lunar rhubarb loaf. This time I remembered the guar gum so it turned out perfect.

Dinners and leftover lunches have varied:
*roasted brussel sprouts with pine nuts, garlic and sundried tomatoes
*beet salad with blue cheese

*bison burgers with all the fixings
*Summer paella

*BBQ vegetable kabobs
*Pasta with zucchini and herbs

*Cucumber and tomato salad

*Freshly picked corn on the cob

And for breakfast:
*gluten free pancakes with stewed rhubarb

*vanilla yogurt (again) with stewed rhubarb

and gf toast with rhubarb marmalade.

And spending time drinking nice wine and blueberry lemonade.

And I can't forget about dessert (that also doubled as breakfast): rhubarb crisp

Many dinners were spent my favourite way: dining al fresco. Lingering over wine, chatting over dinner. Who could ask for anything more?


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