August 10, 2010

To Market, To Market…….

I started back with my government students today and after my morning class I was free for the day. Since I had a doctor’s appointment later in the afternoon, I decided to stay downtown and hang out a bit.

Of course I had to tour the market, remembering the tall bunches of basil on sale and a vendor still having rhubarb. So after my other errands, off I went. I wasn’t disappointed. Although I enjoy the Parkdale Market, I find the Byward Market a feast for the senses; especially the eyes.

Fresh garlic is out. I love the braids so much that I never want to use them.

I love string beans.

Seeing all those blueberries makes me wish I liked them. The one fruit I don’t like.

The corn neatly piled drew me near to admire the colours of the husks. That’s one of the fun parts of having fresh corn: removing the husks enables stress to be released.

And my bounty; the berries were very tasty as I sat in the sun to enjoy them.

Some fabulous garlic was purchased from a flower vendor beside LE MOULIN DE PROVENCE, at the market building. I’ve never seen garlic so easy to peel. The freshness of the cloves had a smell I’ve never experienced before. It was so pleasant.

Fresh garlic for my homemade pesto.

Lattes, a jaunt downtown, and a tour of the market; what a nice way to spend the day.


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