July 9, 2013

Wholly Guacamole Batman!!

As you know, I love guacamole and make it often. But sometimes the avocados at my grocery store are not ready for guacamole. We were in a bind a few weeks ago; a bag of tortilla chips, a craving and no ripe avocados.

We have tried the pre-made guac, but have never been impressed. I’d rather do without. At our little metro a new item had been added to the produce fridge, and they were on sale. We picked up a few since the packages looked on the small side. Once home we made ourselves a snack.

Wholly Guacamole is pre-packaged in a clear bag so all we had to do was cut a hole and squeeze the guac into a bowl. On first taste, it’s quite mild and lacks the zip we’re used to. We added some salsa and then it was fine (Note: A ‘spicy’ version is available and it is HOT!).

Now, no packaged guacamole will ever replace fresh, but when in a bind, Wholly Guacamole will do. And to make you feel safer, they’ve labelled it gluten-free 9on the back) just like real guac should be.


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