April 2, 2013


With the return of winter-like weather today – chilling temperatures and strong howling winds – I have a restaurant in mind. The décor makes you feel cozy and warm and the food and drink helps even more. Anthony’s opened up sometime last year and although we don’t go very often, we have come to like it there.

From the street, Anthony’s looks small, but it actually sits quite a few people. It also tends to fill up quickly and many customers have become regulars known by name. The Honey is not a big fan of thin crust pizza for some reason. He likes the thick crust with lots of sauce and cheese. I’m quite the opposite and discovered and fell in love with thin crust pizza while living overseas. For me, it’s so much better; you can taste the flavours of the toppings instead of only bread, sauce and cheese. However, after much coercing, The Honey finally went and he has finally found a thin crust pizza he likes.

Anthony’s has nice wine to choose from and I’m sure they have something for every palate. We like sitting and relaxing for a bit – talking about our day and watching the people going by on Wellington. For a change we linger over our pizza, savouring every bit. The regular pizzas are cooked in a wood oven so they get a nice flavour and toasty bottom. The gluten-free crusts, on the other hand, are prepared, cooked, and served on their own pizza tray to avoid any kind of contamination. It is reassuring and I imagine they taste just as good.

On every visit we’ve had friendly and attentive service and great food. The prices are reasonable and there is the usual small charge for the gf crust.


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