March 1, 2013

Sweet or Salty?

Usually when one thinks of crispy and crunchy snacks, one thinks of potato chips. But Farm Boy carries something called Sugar Cinnamon Crisps and they are apparently quite popular in Latin America. I picked them up to try out on a weekend away. I wanted to stay away from potato chips and my sister is usually willing to try something new. An extra bonus: they are gluten free.

At first, the sugar took me by surprise, but then I liked it with the cinnamon. The crisps are quite thin, but hold a lot of flavour. And another nice thing: the mixture of sugar and cinnamon satisfy a snack craving. The bag also holds quite a bit so there really isn’t any need to stock up, unless your kids are having a slumber party. 

I’ve had some of the other Farm Boy chips (lime, tortilla, etc) and I wasn’t too fond of them as they were too oily or salty, but the crisps are really nice.

With Farm Boy being a local company, you can find the sugar cinnamon crisps at all their locations.


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