March 13, 2013

Craving Karma

My last post was about our little woodpecker (possibly a Downie) who set up house in our backyard tree. We are all living in harmony and hopefully instilling good karma around us. Well, there’s another way you can instill some good karma and that’s by purchasing something from Karma Cravings.

I came across these guys at a craft show and fell in love with their products. They have sauces and herb blends and everything is gluten free. Sometimes it’s hard to find a sauce that’s gluten-free because the big companies may change the recipe and you need to start a search over again, and good luck finding a spice/herb blend that’s gluten-free because most are not. To show how much they really get the gluten thing, they had gf pretzels on hand for sampling the sauces. How sweet is that?!

Another thing they get is that sometimes animals need help. They have partnered up with the Western Quebec SPCA and 50% of their net profits are donated to this great organization. Karma just isn’t in their name, they live by it. The artwork is another thing worth noting. They are caricatures of animals near and dear to the crew at Karma Cravings and to show how much they mean to them, a little write up of the pet is on the side label.

I picked up the Crazy Tail Spice Rub and sprinkled it over a salmon fillet. Now, I eat quite a bit of fish and I have to say it is one of the best things I’ve tasted. Now I want to pick up bottles of the BBQ and Pomegranate sauces.


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