January 18, 2013

GOGO Quinoa

On a trip to Homesense I picked up a box of chocolate chip cookies made by Gogo Quinoa. I’d never seen the brand before and they were a decent price ($6) considering they were not only gluten-free, but also vegan, organic and fair trade. That’s a lot to wrap up into a cookie. I also knew I wouldn’t have to eat them all by myself; I’d share with a celiac colleague at work.

On opening the box one sees lots of little packets. I was a little disappointed as it took more time to eat and seemed like a waste of packaging. My colleague liked them because it meant she couldn’t wolf them down. It took time getting the wrapper open. 

We both liked the flavour and the texture of these cookies. They were a crunchy cookie, but not rock hard. The texture was nice in that it wasn’t grainy and it didn’t fall apart. The flavour was also nice – the right balance between feeling healthy and having something sugary. They weren’t as sweet as other cookies (some seem to be just packed with sugar) and the flours combined to form a nice taste. If someone gave me this cookie, I’d think it was a good, somewhat healthy cookie.

Since picking up Gogo Quinoa I’ve seen them at the health food stores along with other products in the company’s line (pasta, grains, soups, etc). I have yet to try those, but if they are as good as the cookies, they’re worth picking up (even though the health food stores have upped the price).


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