October 28, 2012

Gluten Free Grows Love


I recently discovered a product whose company passion is to ‘Spread the Love’ and make people excited about healthy food. This company is Love GrownFoods and they make a kickass granola.

While wandering around the ‘special’ section of Loblaws – you know, the one with organic, gluten-free, and all the other expensive stuff – I saw bags of cereal I hadn’t seen before. It was granola and in the bottom corner was a nice little wheat free box. I got excited and began examining the bag. Labelled Oat Clusters & Love, this particular bag had sweet cranberry, coconut and pecans. It sounded yummy. Upon further examination, it seems like Love Grown Foods is doing it right; keeping it healthy and tasting good. Their oats are certified gf oats and according to their website processed on their own equipment further ensuring the oats remain gluten-free.

What’s it like? Awesome!!! This is what good granola is supposed to be like; crunchy, with flavour, and healthy. Some out there are either hard as a rock, soggy, or taste disgusting and Love Grown granola is none of that. Lately my cereals have been letting me down and I’ll be starving an hour later, Love Grown keeps me full throughout the morning and is helping me up my fiber intake (all positives!). I’ve also purchased the apple walnut delight and it is just as good. I stocked up on a recent grocery trip as they were on sale ($2 off!) and can’t wait to pick up more.

This is a new favourite thing and what makes me love them more is that their granola is made with love – just like food should be.


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