September 5, 2012

Look Ma! Balloons!

When we first moved into our house one of the things we encountered early one morning was a ‘whoosh’ sound. After digging a garden, reassembling our shed, your usual unpacking and whatnot, we were looking forward to sleeping in. This particular morning it wasn’t going to happen and when I looked out the window I saw why; lots and lots of balloons in the sky. Labour Day weekend is the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival and every year, for a short period one morning, they fly over our house. To see one or two is everyday, but to see dozens and dozens flying overhead is cool; not to mention hearing the whooshing of the flame even though they seem so far up. This past Saturday was no different and when I heard the first ‘whoosh’ up I got and picked up my camera. So if you were driving through Westboro/Hintonburg and saw some crazy lady on her front lawn taking pictures of the sky while still in her jammies, that was me. That’s the best view I get with trees surrounding us.

This will be the closest I get to a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post so enjoy. Oh and I finally found a downside to living in the city – hydro lines. They made an appearance in almost every shot.




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