April 6, 2012

Summer’s Here!?!

Last week I was thinking how nice it was that the temperatures were getting warmer and the days getting longer. I was sitting here at the computer listening to a robin singing outside the window. He sounded so happy. I saw another one on my way to work so I think spring is officially here when the robins return.

Then the weekend came along with 20+ temperatures. The Honey laughed as the weather forecasters had been talking about a windchill on Friday and then on Saturday they were talking about the humidex. We opened up all the windows and let the nice warm air in. Our munchkin even enjoyed the fresh air.

We took a walk along the river and so many people had the same idea. The sun was so warm that shorts and t-shirts were ideal clothing. The river was still frozen in many spots and you could feel the cold air coming off the ice. Once home I whipped up some buttercream icing and iced a spiced-gf beer cake I made to take to my in-laws. 

Unfortunately, this past week has been cool and damp, and just plain horrible compared to the loveliness we experienced. I know it’s spring and it’s what we should expect, but now it seems like Mother Nature is taunting us. Even the munchkin is waiting by the door every morning. Just like us, she’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the real deal.


Psychgrad said...

I think we're on a more normal weather path now. Slowly increasing, with a few cold nights lingering...

At least that's what I'm hoping for -- I don't think I can handle snow at this point.

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