March 19, 2012

Delicious Gluten-Free Sandwiches

Between Christmas and New Year’s The Honey took some time off to relax. Work had been a little busy and rough for him and he deserved some time to himself. The Honey is an avid guitar player and so spent a great deal trying some new songs. Unfortunately he doesn’t always get the effect he desires as we have a small house and his powerful amp rarely makes it past ‘2’.

During this time of relaxation The Honey saw a guitar he liked posted on a classified site. It was a brand he liked and the guitar looked to be in great shape. The owner was looking to trade for a specific guitar and The Honey just happened to have one. After some emails they both agreed to meet and we decided to drive down to Cobourg.

It was a nice day for a drive – it wasn’t snowing, the roads were clear, and the clouds kept the sun hidden. We were making great time and I thought it would be great to stop at the Silly Yak in Kingston for lunch on our way back. But of course things never work out as planned. Closer to Belleville we hit a snarl and it took us 1 ½ hrs to get to the nearest ramp. 11am turned into 12 and the minutes kept ticking by. Finally by 1:30 we reached our destination and we were growing hungry. The Honey did his meet, greet, trade then we were on our way. Luckily for us we were a few blocks from downtown so we drove through keeping an eye out for restaurants. That’s where we came upon the Buttermilk Café. It looked like a nice place and possibly have something gf friendly. How right I was. On the front desk was a small sign that read “We have gluten-free bread and desserts”. Awesome!!!

On a Friday afternoon the Buttermilk Café was busy full of couples or friends having lunch or coffee. The restaurant is a nice cozy place that is welcoming and comfortable. The menu has a variety to suit everyone and the soup of the day was intriguing, mushroom with brandy. Too bad I didn’t like mushrooms. While The Honey enjoyed his chicken fingers and pile of fries I kept ‘mmm-ing’ over my Tuscan Tartine. This sandwich was served open-faced on tasty gluten-free bread layered with aioli, greens, sliced turkey, tomatoes and feta cheese. A small Waldorf salad came on the side and it was perfect. Our lunch was satisfying without feeling like we had to roll out the door.

After lunch we took a short stroll through downtown popping into a shop here and there. I even went into the British store hoping they knew something about a gluten-free HP sauce (I miss that the most). Not wanting to arrive home too late we got back in the car and started our way back.

Now we know that if we are ever in Cobourg, we can stop in at the Buttermilk Café for some me-friendly food.


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