February 18, 2012

I Miss You Idgy!!

It has been a long time since I had seen Fried Green Tomatoes and I vaguely remember the story. But the Idgy’s I miss is in South Yarmouth, MA, aka Cape Cod. In a strip mall on Whites Path is a small restaurant with the most wonderful looking gluten-free menu. I had seen a review on Gluten-Free Living’s blog and I just had to go. We weren’t disappointed and The Honey quickly understood why I had fallen in love.

Idgy’s (Gluten-Free Dining) is run by restaurateur Debbie Collins and named after one of her favourite movie characters. It seems fitting since dealing with gluten intolerances and celiac disease requires a little ‘umph’ in learning how to live a pain-free life and standing up for your ‘allergy’.

On our third visit I met Debbie, who loves what she’s doing and it seems people love her in return (myself included). Whether people are locals or vacationers like us, Idgy’s has become a popular spot.
Our first breakfast was pecan French toast and a regular breakie for The Honey, complete with gf toast. 

I loved the soft French toast which was topped with maple syrup and candied pecans. Our coffee was hot and tasty – a perfect breakfast. I also picked up a few squares for our day trip. A peanut butter chocolate square was devoured later in the afternoon (some fudge The Honey had picked up as his treat was nowhere near comparison).

There are a variety of treats to choose from (muffins, squares, cookies) plus the regular baked goods like bread and buns. I must have stood at the counter for 10 minutes trying to narrow down my choices – I wanted to try everything. And everything I did try was excellent. We returned again for another delicious breakfast, and on our last evening we returned one last time for some treats to take home.

My heart wretched a little when I had to say that we were returning home after an employee asked if we would be back. But she was persistent and asked again. I felt so sad saying that we probably wouldn’t because we rarely return to the same place for holiday. She felt sure we would and telling her it was an 8 hour drive didn’t faze her. Mind you, an 8 hour drive would be totally worth it.

Back at home I opened my little bag of Russian Tea cakes and enjoyed them with a nice cup of tea. I missed Idgy’s already.

I wonder what the border guards would think if I told them the ‘purpose of my trip’ was to go to a gluten-free restaurant in Cape Cod. If they had ever gone to Idgy’s they’d understand.

23S Whites Path (Union Station Plaza)
South Yarmouth, MA
(508) 694-7451


Anonymous said...

I concur! We were there in March and absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! The service was awesome and food was amazing. The people who were with me couldn't tell the difference whether it was gluten-free food or not! We will definitely be back to Idgy's!!

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